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Cosmoprof Bologna 2011
http://www.storyoflovecn.com   2010-10-23 5:47:45   

EVENT PROFILE:Cosmoprof Bologna is the world's most important international event in the beauty and cosmetics sector running successfully from past 40 years with a special focus on the spa industry. Last year Cosmopack, the packaging and contract manufacturers showcased a high-level international platform that hosted an international packaging buyers delegation with 100 participants, celebrating 146,331 visitors in the course of 5 days of exhibition, out of which 33,338 (24%) foreign visitors. 2,254 total exhibitors, out of which 1,323 (60%) foreign exhibitors. Cosmoprof has sealed joint-venture agreements with other international organizations to generate new top-level trade fair events in every part of the globe: Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna (Italy), Cosmoprof Asia (Hong Kong), Cosmoprof North America (Las Vegas); Guangzhou International Exhibitions Ltd (Guangzhou), Beauty Eurasia powered by Cosmoprof (Istanbul).


Time:18th Mar,2011-21th Mar 2011


Venue:Bologna Fair Center